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You will feel full of vitality and vigor to confront life. You will need to find an outlet for your increased dynamic energy. One possibility would be participating in some sport or some work that requires physical effort. But this influence could also cause you to be more aggressive,, impulsive, and impatient. You will be prone to overreact to the smallest things.

It would be wise to be more aware than usual to how you act in situations which trigger off your negative side. Your confidence will be strong and you will defend your ideas with great vigor. Try to maintain a certain amount of flexibility. You will be inclined to express yourself most aggressively in the house that is occupied by the Sun this year. There also is danger of accidents, falls, blows, burns and cuts. This is due to your inclination to take chances and to act hastily or impulsively. You will demonstrate more aggressiveness, rashness and lack of patience during this period.

It will more difficult to control your anger when crossed or frustrated. The practice of some type of sport or gymnastics would be very beneficial to maintain your balance. You will get bored with routine, especially if it is sedentary or slow. This aspect could bring fights, confrontations, conflicts and ruptures in relationships in general.

In your personal life, there could be jealousy and the possibility of some kind of scandal because of it. You will be the most aggressive and intense in that area of your life represented by the house your Sun is in this year and in the house occupied by Mars. You also should be very cautious, because you could be prone to accidents, blows, falls, or burns. The main reason for that could be your impulsive haste, your lack of control over your reactions, and your excessive rashness.

You will be full of enthusiasm and vitality. Your high energy level will make it possible for you to set and attain many of your goals during this year. You will trust and believe in yourself, feel good about yourself and deal constructively with any situation you encounter. Your positive attitude will enable you to use your physical energy appropriately.

Anything that does trouble you will be dealt with easily and quickly. This astrological influence emphasizes your leadership ability. It is likely that you will take on a new position at work, one that lets you work more independently. You will easily be able to communicate and convey your ideas to others. Your enthusiasm for your work will be contagious. In addition, you will show a protective attitude toward your loved ones.

You will be very open and sincere with your friends and will be willing to lend a helping hand to those who need it. You will also feel quite adventurous, wanting to travel and explore new and fascinating places. There is a strong tendency to be aggressive and to lose your patience easily. Problems you may have overlooked in the past could arise and hinder you in your present business activity. It will be necessary to put your life in order so that you can have a calmer year. This aspect can also cause you to be careless, thereby making you subject to accidents, blows, falls or burns.

Be alert and use caution. These impulsive and rash actions will be your worst enemy. You could also very easily get entangled in discussions or arguments with others, which might lead to fights or quarrels that will be difficult to reconcile. In order to have a good year, you should keep physically active. Practice some sport or gymnastics, which will use up some of your excess physical energy and will break up your usual daily routine.

Your enthusiasm will be contagious and you will always be ready for action. You will receive support and protection from people with certain power in your environment, although you most likely will not need it. It is advisable to direct your dynamic and constructive energy appropriately during this period. Put more emphasis on your own ambitions than to those things which could cause you to worry. Trust your own resources. This influence is extremely beneficial and the promise of a happy year and increased growth.

Your attitude toward life will be very positive and at the same time a touch of luck will be with you to help you resolve your problems. You will have a smile on your face and will be surrounded by happy and positive people. Your good humor will be contagious and will create enthusiasm in the people around you. But you also will feel a great desire for expansion and growth in your life in general. You will be concerned with improving your status in life and your income, increasing your knowledge and enlarging your social world. This expansion and growth will manifest the strongest in the house influenced by the Sun during this year.

If you have some legal case pending, it should be resolved very favorably at this time. Justice will be on your side. It is possible that you may develop a more philosophical sense of life and may become interested in studying certain new subjects. You could also have an urge to take some trips during this year.

A warning: this influence of expansion could also affect your physical body, bringing a tendency to gain weight. Be sure to maintain a proper diet. Solar Return Sun opposition or square Solar Return Jupiter There is a tendency to get involved in projects that could be beyond your capacity. Your positive attitude and your imagination will increase. This influence encourages you to undertake tasks or to run risks that you have not dared to do before. You could also become too generous and extravagant.

This will be more noticeable if by nature you are a conservative person. You also could become somewhat careless with your paper work and neglect to do what is expected of you. This could be reflected in your daily diet as well, which consequently could lead to gaining weight. It is important to watch your nutrition and your liver. This will be a very favorable and happy year. You will be experiencing some very positive energy that will enable you to resolve your problems very easily. As a matter of fact, because of your enthusiasm and optimistic outlook, this could be a very lucky year.

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You will be very willing to work hard and eager to take action with a smile on your face. The area of your life where you will experience a period of general expansion and growth is to be found in the house that is occupied by the Sun this year described in the previous paragraph and in the house occupied by Jupiter described later on. Your social life will increase and bring you in contact with more influential and powerful people.

Chiron Transits

If you are involved in some type of litigation or legal process, it will be settled in your favor. Your sense of justice will increase along with the desire to acquire more knowledge.

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You will seek out new experiences and will have a strong desire to travel this year. You could become involved in projects or tasks that go beyond your ability and energy level. Try to be realistic and sensible. You could be overly optimistic, thereby unduly minimizing the very real obstacles and situations confronting you. You should also take care not to neglect any legal matters that need your attention.

Doing so could bring losses, fines, or law suits. You also run the risk of being physically lazy, not paying much attention to your diet, which could cause weight gain or problems with the liver. You will have lucky streaks during this year and can rely on the support of other people. Your optimism and your positive attitude toward life in general will increase.

You probably will have a desire to increase your knowledge about certain subjects and will learn more by studying. There also is a possibility of some travel during this year. Resist the tendency to look for comfort and ease. The weight of responsibilities and obligation could limit your freedom. You will have to organize your life during this year and tackle situations that you have put aside before. This astrological conjunction forces you to see things realistically.

It is important that you become aware of this because, the more realistic you are, the more profit you will gain this year. You will probably have to forego, or limit, the time you normally spend on amusement and entertainment. You will have a more serious and responsible attitude; this will be a year of maturation. But you could also feel alone and isolated from others, experiencing great difficulty in expressing your emotions. It is important to see things with good humor and optimism, and to work in a persevering way in order to achieve your goals.

This influence could weaken your energy level, and it is advisable that during this time you concentrate your efforts on the most necessary and important tasks. During this year you could experience obstacles that will be difficult to overcome. The duties and responsibilities of your daily life will seem to choke you. You will be inclined to take things too seriously and to limit yourself unduly. Try to keep your good humor in spite of the problems you may have and maintain a positive and optimistic attitude. You will find that other people will interfere in your life and those in authority over you will be difficult.

The relationship with your father, or with some paternal figure in your life, could be very disturbing during this time. You could feel isolated and alone, generating inner feelings of bitterness and frustration. During this period your physical energy will diminish and you will discover your own weaknesses and faults. It is important to become aware of them and work on overcoming them. Feelings of frustration could discourage you and lead you to abandon your objectives.

Your consistency and perseverance is being tested. During this year you will put your life in order. Your energy will be used in a practical manner and your efforts will be rewarded positively. Your concentration will increase and you will be very objective and realistic, which will enable you to advance in a concrete way and on solid ground. During this time you could review your work habits and decide to discard those that are negative and incorporate new habits that improve you as a person.

One of the qualities that will stand out is your ability to persevere against any obstacles. This astrological aspect brings order into your life. You will be able to organize your time better and to take advantage of the time that is gained. You will have a serious and responsible attitude toward the events and happenings which come your way this year, thereby bringing you support from people in authority as well as your friends in general. In addition, because of your great desire at this time for stability in your life, you might want to invest in furniture or improvements in your home.

The actions you take during this year will benefit you a great deal in later years. Studies or intellectual work that requires a maximum of concentration and attention to detail will also be very favored. You will have strong, consistent physical energy which will make it possible for you to meet your responsibilities calmly and surely.

Remember that your key to success for this year is discipline, order, and action. Your energy level could fluctuate during this year which could lead to moments of depression or general fatigue.

You will probably have the desire to isolate yourself to some extent even from a close companion or live-in partner. You should maintain a positive attitude and face life in a positive way. Otherwise, you will become very frustrated and unhappy. It is important for you to develop your sense of responsibility, examining your life more objectively. The obstacles that you will encounter are due to your own negligence and disorder. During this time you will experience some opposition or lack of support from those around you, especially those who are authority or parental figures for you.

Stability and perseverance in achieving your objectives will stand out during this time. You will be more realistic and objective, which will allow you to organize and direct your energies better. Success this year depends on being constant in that which you propose to do. You will rely on the support of close friends and those in authority, and you will receive it because of your responsible and trustworthy attitude.

You will have a strong desire to make some changes and will look for different ways to break up your daily routine. You will rebel against everything or anyone who limits your freedom. Your relatives and friends will comment on your being different, and indeed you will be. Your ideas will surge during this year and you will have a number of special projects. It is important that you choose them wisely. You will eliminate old patterns that you have been following until now and embark on a new course. Your creativity and intuition will be accentuated during this time.

This astrological aspect will produce a great change and revolution in your life. Basically, what is happening is the passing away of something that has prevented you from being free. You will need more freedom and space. As a consequence, it could cause a breaking off of certain relationships, a change of job or residence, or a lot of travel. You will be electrified and will feel a great deal of energy in your body that will need to be burned up. Otherwise, you will become very anxious and nervous.

Be careful, however, as there is also a tendency to get into accidents. Be especially careful with high speed driving and with electricity. You will feel a strong attraction to the new and unusual. You will meet new people and will visit places that you have never been to before. You will feel dissatisfied with your daily routine and will attempt to change it in some way. Your behavior probably will be more abrupt and less patient than at other times. Your reactions will be unexpected and more violent. Watch your nervous system, since there is a strong tendency to suffer stress during this time.

You will want to cut off many of your social or work connections if you feel that they limit your freedom in some way, or they are not in accordance with your new needs. Your relationships could also be affected and could suffer as a consequence of your need to make changes. It is important during this time that you are permitted to pursue new experiences, sever relations with those who are prejudiced, or break traditions that were limiting your freedom.

Your rebellious nature will show itself, and it is better to leave you a clear path. Most of the events and problems will appear suddenly, and it is advisable that you respond in a constructive way. It is also important that you remain flexible to change and not waste your energies during this year. There is a strong tendency to be too nervous and impatient, thereby attracting to you violence and accidents. Be careful with speed and with electricity.

Solar Return Sun trine or sextile Solar Return Uranus Your creativity will increase considerably and it will be reflected positively in your activities. During this year you will be attracted to new and out of the ordinary activities. You will be interested in studying such disciplines as science, technology, or astrology.

Your intuition will increase and will be your best guide when called on to make decisions. If you are attracted to the occult sciences, you will spend more time studying these subjects in depth during this year and also could develop your powers of perception. These changes will be very favorable and will make you feel more free. It will be a year loaded with positive surprises that will benefit you. Always keep in mind that because of your eagerness to learn, it is wise to alternate your mental activities with a certain amount of physical activity.

This astrological aspect points to and encourages travel for this year.


You might even decide to get up and go on the spur of the moment without making any plans. Social contacts and communication also will increase, and you will benefit from associating more with friends or social groups that you are already involved with.

You will be very nervous and impatient during this year. You will get tired of your daily routine which could cause you to make quick and erroneous decisions. It is important that you moderate your impulses and act intelligently. You will require more freedom of action and you may become short and abrupt with people who interfere.

You should try to direct your energies consciously, because reacting explosively will only complicate matters. You also could be prone to accidents involving speed or electricity. Drive carefully. It will be very difficult to remain calm and tranquil during this year. Your creativity will increase and you will have new ideas about how to change your daily routine. This year will offer some very beneficial surprises. Also, you will feel renewed interest in the occult sciences and the mysteries of life.

Your intuition will increase. It would be a good time to concentrate on developing it even more. Your sensibility and power of perception will increase a lot during this period, and your first impression of those you meet will usually be right. By following your intuition you will know in advance what is going to happen. Trust your inner voice. You also may become interested in many subjects related to the occult or paranormal and manage to develop deeper perceptions.

Some of these interesting psychic experiences will probably affect you for a long time. On the other hand, your desire to help other people in a charitable manner will also increase. You will probably participate in some charitable organization in your community. On the negative side, this astrological aspect brings a tendency to want to escape reality. If you have a very difficult life, you could easily acquire some kind of a bad habit or escapist activity in order to free yourself from tensions. You must try to control your habits, such as cigarettes, alcohol or drugs, or even the mere habit of sleeping too much.

At times, you may not see things as clearly as you should. It would be better to confront yourself and find out who you really are than to try to run away or escape. Solar Return Sun opposition or square Solar Return Neptune Your idealism will be accentuated during this time and could cause you to be deceived by people in certain situations. Try to be realistic and keep your feet on the ground. There is a tendency to exaggerate reality and to develop insecurities or groundless fears. Under this influence, you are also inclined to daydream and to be careless with money and other things of value, which could expose you to robberies and other losses.

You could find yourself in a state of confusion and uncertainty. This could affect your social or romantic relationships, bringing disillusionment, but also could very easily make you the victim. Your level of energy will be low, and you could tire easily. Select your efforts and demands properly. When possible, use treatments that are very safe and free of side effects, such as homeopathic remedies, for problems with your health. The most adverse effect this influence could produce is becoming rather noncommittal in dealing with people or issues.

You could shy away from problems and confrontations, which sometimes could complicate matters. This same noncommittal tendency could generate bad habits or an increase in your consumption of cigarettes, alcohol or drugs if you are accustomed to using them. You must keep these habits under control and resist the desire to escape or run away. During this year you will develop a great deal of idealism. You will have a very keen perception that will allow you to judge people correctly on your first impression and you will be able to sense their reactions in advance.

This is a good year for the studies of metaphysical or occult sciences in general. You might think about developing your intuition or powers of perception. You will actively participate in groups or institutions that help people in need. Your desire to help others will be very strong and will incline you to put your own interests aside during this year.

The activities that you undertake in this period will give you much pleasure on the spiritual level. Your approach to God and religion also will be very important. You could get much benefit from prayer or meditation. As far as relationships are concerned, you are more likely to be looking for a platonic relationship rather a romantic one. In addition, if you are devoted to music or the art world, you will have many moments of inspiration that will benefit you in your work. During this period you could benefit considerably from being around water.

Every time you become tense or unbalanced, you should go to some place where you can be near water, such as a river, ocean, or lake. If that is not possible, you could take long showers or baths to revive your energy. There is a possibility of developing an escapist attitude during this time. Your sensitivity will also increase, and you can easily be disappointed, hurt, or victimized. Be aware of your own behavior in order to avoid being deceived or disillusioned by others.

Your intuition, imagination, and inspiration will increase. Your idealism will be balanced and you will feel in harmony with yourself. Trust your perceptions and your intuition. Your interest in the occult sciences will be renewed and it would be good time to practice meditation exercises or those that help to develop your spirituality. This astrological aspect will bring profound changes in your life. Hidden, repressed feelings and desires will come to the surface, causing a change in your personality. You will be more aggressive and impatient than at other times, and you will be working more from the subconscious level.

This will be a year of transformation and profound changes for you and could bring you a wide range of new experiences. You may experience tensions with people who attempt to control you or exercise authority in your life. You will be confronted with people of very strong character who think they know what is best for you but are not taking into consideration your needs or interests.

The Sun’s Transit through the Signs

Be careful not to react too aggressively in return. The negative side of this influence is that it could bring unsavory elements or risky, violent situations into your life. It would be wise to avoid parts of your city where robberies and violence are common. You will be confronted with people or powerful situations that will put all of your strength to the test. Some of these situations will be inner conflicts and you will have to fight your own habits or negative memories that are deeply ingrained inside you.

You are hungry for a bit of adventure. There may be an opportunity presented to you through a male acquaintance. Your powers of assertion are strong at this time, but they go over well with others. Jupiter transits square natal Mars You may be overconfident at this time. Success and progress can be had during this transit, but only if you apply moderation to your efforts.

It is too easy to come across as threatening or overbearing at this time. You are restless in physical terms and with regards to your desire nature. You are looking for more from life, but you may have a hard time satisfying your urges. You may find yourself to be more adventurous on a sexual level. Be extra cautious with regards to physical risks. Accidents are certainly not a given during this transit, but they are more likely than usual. Your restlessness can lure you into reckless situations. Jupiter transits trine natal Mars You feel more confident than usual, and you have a dynamic energy that should be harnessed and directed into something productive.

Be aware of opportunities that may present themselves at this time, possibly from a male acquaintance or with regards to travel, business, or physical activities. Jupiter transits opposition natal Mars An inner restlessness can dominate this period in your life. What you do with this extra energy is very much up to you. You may find yourself spinning your wheels, simply because circumstances are such that you have too many desires and not enough outlets or energy to obtain them. Sexual energy is variable, and adventurousness in general is felt.

However, be aware that you will have a tendency to overestimate your abilities. Be cautious with regard to putting yourself at physical risk, as accidents are more likely at this time. Avoid the tendency to boast or to come on too strong, as you may end up rubbing important people in your life the wrong way. Jupiter transits to Saturn test the balance between your desire to grow and to expand, and your awareness of your personal limitations.

You become more aware of opportunities, and your desire is to grow, but at the same time you are reminded that there are limitations to what you can do. Jupiter transits sextile or trine natal Saturn Life seems simpler and more straightforward — rather orderly and predictable, barring other major factors.

You are a little more lenient on yourself and others, but you still prefer to follow most rules. There is a good balance between your need for growth and your need for security. Responsibilities feel easier as you see their value. Finances can get back on track or they are status quo. Practical projects advance. Jupiter transits opposite Saturn Some re-structuring of your life and your business goals is now in order.

You may be looking for new challenges, sometimes because you are forced to do so because things are not going exactly as you had planned. You have a desire to grow and expand, but your attitude is tempered with some caution and feelings of restriction. Perhaps what you want to do is not exactly feasible at this time. It is a good time to breathe new life into old plans rather than to strike out with a new plan altogether. Some caution is in order regarding your finances, although you might find that you are able to get some help from older or more stable individuals at this time.

Something is telling you to push forward and to expand and grow, but with a close eye on your limitations. At this time, impatience and rebellion may end up limiting you, quite ironically! Jupiter transits trines natal Neptune , and you are in the position to improve and enjoy your more compassionate, imaginative, and artistic tendencies. Your idealistic nature is enhanced.

Focus on practical problems tends to diffuse now as you make room for more inspired explorations, dreams, and pursuits. You have wonderful spiritual insights now. Jupiter transits square or opposition to natal Neptune , you are seeking inspiration at this time! You are more imaginative and inclined to fantasize during this period. You easily tire of the routine elements of your life. Stretch your imagination, but watch for overlooking important practical details. Watch for wasting opportunities due to neglect or turning a blind eye to problem areas.

Uranus Transits

Jupiter transits square natal Pluto , and a serious attitude towards your goals and ambitions can emerge. The desire to grow or expand an endeavor can be strong, although you may overreach. Power struggles with others may be involved. Competitive energies should be channeled appropriately. Jupiter transits conjunct the Ascendant! This fortunate transit occurs once in the twelve-year cycle of Jupiter and should bring a general rise in life, financial gain, some social distinction, many new friends and much social activity.

It is a time of optimism, greater self-confidence, good self-expression and happiness. Opportunities for social prestige, financial advancement, and foreign travel are likely at this time. Relationships are especially favored and engagement or marriage is possible under this aspect. Your openness to new spiritual understanding may attract into your life those who will expand your awareness in some way.

It is an excellent period for study and personal growth. Social success or wealth may be achieved during this aspect. There can also be is a sense of spiritual renewal, where you make efforts at religious, educational, philosophic, and cultural self- improvement. However, a self-righteous attitude should be avoided at this time. There can be a tendency to put on excess weight during this transit.

You may find that friends and many personal interests fall by the wayside. This marks a time when your whole life path may be redefined and see you heading in a new career direction. A career point, after which you should expect to let go a bit and undergo a little regeneration. Your ability to express yourself confidently and openly wins you the respect and admiration of others. You can promote ideas and plans that you believe strongly in and, surprisingly, others do not resist you now. They quietly accept your proposals and ideas, and even provide some support. A time of dues-paying is over; real accomplishment is possible now.

You may have to sacrifice some of your personal life in order to gain this outward growth. You may become friends or develop an association with an influential person or someone that can help you a great deal. This could be some kind of high-water mark for your career, recognition, and so on. At the same time, a change of direction is in order, finding you in a gradual curve towards more inwardness. You may receive a promotion, a job offer, a large contract, or salary increase.

In one way or other, you step out of a situation that had become limiting and restrictive. Job and family may be suffering from a lack of attention. The way you live, and perhaps your career and basic life direction, may be changing. You may seek new employment, a promotion, or request an increase in your salary. You feel ready and fit for a better situation. Obstacles and impediments seem to disappear and your work progresses very smoothly. This is a time of steady growth and progress, combined with an enjoyable and harmonious atmosphere.

You may find yourself spending more interest and energy at home and with the family, and having less shine on the job. This home life will lay the foundation for greater confidence at work. A home improvement or even a new home is a possibility. A family member may improve in health or receive an advancement in career or important recognition that brings joy to the whole family. Jupiter transits conjunct natal North Node! This fortunate transit occurs once in the twelve-year cycle of Jupiter and should bring a fortunate social period where public recognition, romance and general good fortune can be expected, and all associations with others will prove advantageous in some way.

You are socially popular — exhibiting adaptability, good-fellowship, tact and diplomacy. There may be active participation in currently popular religious, philosophic, educational, and cultural trends. Jupiter transits conjunct Part of Fortune! This fortunate transit occurs once in the twelve-year cycle of Jupiter and should bring a period of good luck, financial gain, personal contentment and a harmonious social life. You are outgoing, optimistic and have great enthusiasm for life.

Jupiter transits conjunct Chiron This transit will occur only once in each year cycle of Jupiter and is a good time to review long-held beliefs that you may not have previously questioned. These beliefs may be deeply imbedded in your psyche, especially those which you formed as a result of early life experiences. You may have to take a stand against valued family members, teachers and mentors in order to follow your own path.

This is an excellent time to travel to or study about foreign lands and cultures. Resist any temptation to preach to others or push your ideas too hard, for this would surely lead to disagreements and conflict. You may try such new techniques as meditation, yoga, acupuncture, aromatherapy, homeopathy, healing with crystals or laying on of hands.

You may even consider a new career in one of these fields. You may seek greater personal awareness through interests that expand your knowledge, spirituality, and beliefs at this time. Educational, religious, social, or personal involvements may help you feel centered and enlightened. This can be a favorable period to experiment with new boundaries, horizons, and viewpoints. Or, if you are seeking relief or healing from a personal crisis or prior wound, this can be a good time to gain a sense of hope and develop a more positive outlook.

You could be feeling well-balanced on mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual levels at this time. Jupiter transits square Chiron You may have a tendency to get carried away with your beliefs, faith, confidence, and sense of optimism during this period. You can unknowingly set yourself up for a rude awakening or disappointment if you depend too much on your principles and theories. Coming to terms with your inner world and self-development is fine, as long as you avoid pushing your ideas, objectives, and viewpoints onto others, as they are less likely to find your visions and quests meaningful at this time.

You may feel set apart from the mainstream as far as your hopes, wishes, and expectations are concerned.

The Astrology of Year 2018

Your faith may mislead you to believe that everything around you can be healed with positive thinking, yet much more effort is required to handle any personal hardship or crisis at this time. Jupiter transits sextile Chiron You can gain more meaning in your life through higher learning, spirituality, or meditative experiences at this time. An open heart, a compassionate spirit, and a positive outlook assist you in developing new philosophies and perspectives, especially with regard to your inner healing and well-being.

You may also put more faith in your abilities to help heal the wounds or hardships of loved ones and will put kindness, devotion, and depth of feeling into your relationships. Chances to broaden your knowledge and beliefs may come through simple life experiences, travel, education, or religious activities which are likely to be very beneficial to your personal growth during this period. Jupiter transits trine Chiron A positive and expansive outlook can benefit your well-being at this time. You may be more open-minded with regard to experiencing new things, which will allow healing of your mind, body, and spirit.

For instance, you could seek higher understanding and meaning in your life through a guide, mentor, or spiritual person or increase your inner knowledge by means of educational processes, religion, or meditative practices during this period. An urge to travel to far-away places real or imaginary may also be experienced.

You may discover new perspectives on your beliefs, faith, and sense of hope. Restoring peace and harmony in your personal life and relationships is possible now through your interest in healing your own wounds, as well as extending compassion and generosity to others. Jupiter transits opposition Chiron Your personal, spiritual, or cultural values may undergo questioning.

Problems can arise if you have been devoting too much time, interest, and energy to a specific area to the exclusion of other goals. You may feel challenged to conform to the expectations or traditional standards of the people in your personal or professional life at this time. You are apt to have more faith in your own visions and truths, which you may tend to carry to the extreme. You are inclined to overstate your beliefs, thus creating problems and confrontations with others during this period.

Jupiter transits conjunct Ceres During this period you may overextend yourself to loved ones with generosity, care, and nurturing. This is a good time to gain insight and understanding into your own personal needs as well as those of the people closest to you. You can begin to become more of a contributing factor in the education or spiritual upbringing of your children. You can explore ways to instill positive family values and principles into your domestic life at this time. There are also possibilities that you will take on a greater role in caretaking responsibilities, possibly through the concerns of a distant relative or someone else who openly requests your aid and direction.

Jupiter transits conjunct Pallas This is a very promising time for mental, creative, educational, and spiritual pursuits. Your studies and personal aspirations are likely to lead you to new personal growth, influential contacts, and wider horizons. You will greatly benefit from opportunities to travel, higher learning, or legal and professional matters. If you have a skill or talent in a particular area, this would be a good time to improve or enhance this ability.

Intuitive flashes or hunches may reveal insightful ideas or useful ways to plan and strategize new methods or creative enterprises. Networking with people who share your intellectual and creative interests will also work out to your benefit now. Jupiter transits conjunct Juno You may have the opportunity to improve your marriage or love relationship at this time. You might relate to a loved one with more generosity, cheerfulness, and optimism, as well as cherish their trust, faith, and commitment now.

Even if you overdo for your loved one now, your positive attitude will bring benefits to your relationship or marriage.

Venus enters Sagittarius

There is a likelihood you will discover more about yourself through the experiences you share with a mate or partner during this period. You may search for ways to enhance togetherness by taking up a new interest, such as travel, education, or a new business goal or by regaining a sense of religion or spirituality in your partnership. Planning out future dreams and visions with your mate can be very rewarding to you now. Jupiter transits conjunct Vesta Enthusiasm may be at an all-time high, and you set your sights on doing something meaningful and profitable in order to expand business, professional, or personal aspirations.

Dedication, commitment, and courage allows you to get absorbed in any task, endeavor, or venture which you conceive has real value and substance. If your work or a personal ambition is unfulfilling, you may search for greener pastures or look for ways to improve your current situation. You may gain insight through education, travel, business courses, or training in a specific field of interest to you.

You will want to convince colleagues and professionals that you will extend yourself and serve them to the best of your abilities. Since some of your aims and objectives can involve work or interests outside family and romantic relationships, you will have to be open and honest with loved ones, who may be feeling a little left out in the cold. A general description of transiting Jupiter — excerpt from the Sky Log report :.

Traditional astrologers view it more starkly — to them, it is simply the planet of luck. And that is often the case: the toast does tend to land butter-side up when Jupiter is crossing sensitive territories. But the real, evolutionary meaning lies deeper. One key is that Jupiter is future-oriented…it is concerned with bright, unexplored possibilities. Stripped to its bones, Jupiter always asks one primary question: how have you been underestimating yourself?

Its transits signal a time when new opportunities come into existence, but to seize them you must recognize that you deserve them, that you are capable of rising to them, and that old deals and compromises are finished. This is an excellent resource for outer planet transits: Jupiter through Pluto. Back to Predictive Astrology Main Page. Cafe Astrology is brimming with free articles, features, interpretations, and tools that will appeal to people with a casual interest in learning Astrology, as well as beginning through advanced students of Astrology. The site is run by astrologer Annie Heese.

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