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This is an ancient symbol, half-horse, half-man or woman , whose time has come. Some astrologers associate a planet by this name discovered orbiting our Sun in with your sign.

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Yours is the sign of the quest, the far-away and far-out, and success based on an odd chance. As one Sagittarius recently said to me, she tries to jump across the river without stepping on the individual stones. You will go places just to go there, meet people just to meet them, and you find children to be your peers far more than adults. Yet your reputation for being a freewheeling devil-be-damned type is entirely true until we get to your rock-solid values, which can be traditional, cautious and even conservative.

You live with these various tensions a little like Chiron is made of his human and animal parts.

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Study both Jupiter and Chiron to learn more about yourself and for additional guidance about the spiritual quest that is your life. Horoscope: Sagittarius.

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Past Present Future. Tree of Life. How is your life evolving? Use ancient symbolism to understand Relationship Zodiac Tarot.

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