New moon january 7 2020 astrology

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    Timing with the Moon in Astrology

    July starts with a total solar eclipse that takes place on July 2nd. This eclipse is part of the series of eclipses on the Cancer—Capricorn axis. Remember, though, that eclipses are potent astrological events and affect all of us, more or less, without exception. The total solar eclipse has a strong resonance to the past, while at the same time it opens a window towards the future.

    Behind its plain appearance, it conceals rather intricate themes, and besides its main effect on the Cardinal Signs Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn , it also plays an important role for those born on the first days of the Fixed Signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.

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    A solar eclipse is the Moon coming in front of the Sun. It is a momentary lapse of reason and consciousness, and a plunge deep into the unconscious.

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    4. Needs are felt deeply and come to the fore. The mind stops, the heart beats, dark lingers for a while, until finally the sun comes out again, bringing something new for our lives, something for which most of the times, we are not prepared.

      Myth, Magic, Moons, Stars….

      These same issues will culminate gradually as we approach the following lunar eclipse that will take place two weeks afterwards. What is important, it is that the Sun and the Moon are near the North Node in this eclipse. This means that the effect that the eclipse will have, regardless of how we may initially feel it, aims to move us forward. The very essence of Cancer, a Sign that is ruled by Moon, is a clinging to the familiar.

      In this eclipse, both our conscious Sun and our desire Moon are positioned in this Watery Sign, steeped with nostalgia and memory. But as you may know, the past is a strange place. There are two important astrological facts that tie time with karma upon the axis of this eclipse.

      January 2019 Solar Eclipse in Capricorn Astrology

      The first one is the very tight applying conjunction of Saturn to the South Node of the eclipse, a conjunction almost exact. Karmic cleansing must be applied. Release any fear rooted in the past, leave behind anxiety and pessimism rooted in the need for material security. Care for those that care for you, and start tuning to circumstances and relationships that provide not only material but emotional security also.