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He makes millions of dollars. In his horoscope there are 3 debilitated planets and no Rajayoga.

When I came out of his office, his assistant showed me his birth chart. Four planets were found in yogas.

Rahu In 10th House For Leo Ascendant

Look at his fate? He asked me to recommend to the business man for a petty salary raise. There are astrologers who claim that 1, 5, 9 which are said to be Kona houses will indicate good results. But again they are wrong. For example, for Cancer ascendants the 5th and 9th house signs have constellations nakshatras that are ruled by the lord of 6 or 8 or So planets in these constellations in the 5th or 9th house give terrible results to the native with cancer ascendants.

singh lagna {Leo Ascendent} And yogkarak planets by sunilee Jani Pawar

But they are fortunate during the period of the planets in the constellation of Mars even though the houses may be 3 or 8 or So, planets posited in houses 6, 8, 12 do not always produce evil results. So it can be openly said that all the nine planets cause good and bad events, irrespective of their nature and disposition. Further there are countless rules and yogas, of which one able astrologer can have in memory only a few to please the clients.

Most of the time incorrect birth times are recorded. The birth time noted when the child is separated from the mother, is also not correct. That is the cosmic rays through planets reaching earth is only through Oxygen and it is this Oxygen that reaches the lungs of the child. Immediately the heart vibrates, to make the first cry of the child.

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From this very moment the dasa bhukti starts to act. This birth time should be noted and there is no need to wait till the full child is separated from the mother. As explained if the birth times are noted, our calculations to fix the lagna will be very correct. You might have come across many astrologers who scare their client by saying that they have Kalasarpa yoga in their chart and that is why all the bad things are happening to them. Rahu and Ketu give their results as follows:. If no planets is in conjunction with them then they bestow the results of the planets aspecting them.

If Rahu and Ketu is neither conjoined with, nor aspected by any planet, it offers the results of the lord of the constellation in which it is deposited. If the lord of the constellation or the planets conjoined with, or aspecting it be a benefic, one can expect advantageous results.

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If the lord of the constellation or the planets conjoined with or aspecting it be a malefic, only undesirable results will be experienced. The correct interpretation of Rahu and Ketu is very challenging in Vedic Astrology. Most vedic astrologers I came across are unable to correctly interpret the results offered by rahu and ketu and planets in rahu and ketu's nakshatras.

You want to be surrounded by people who make you look good. So you're someone who is constantly cheering others on, and putting a light on what makes him or her special. If there are other grandiose factors in the chart, you become someone who exaggerates her own achievements or takes credit due to others. You have a healthy ego, but it goes too far when not balanced with a sense of your place in the scheme of things.

Leo Ascendant: The Leo Rising Sign Characteristics

A strong Leo will make things happen. But if it's used to intimidate others, you'll quickly get bad PR. You're able to create a powerful "brand" from your persona but will have to watch that it doesn't become a blast weapon used against weaker souls. That's known as throwing your weight around to get what you want. And using the strength of your personality to get it.

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A negative Leo Rising needs attention all the time and sulks if it's not the quality presence they require. Leo has that regal attitude, and at its worst, it comes out in disdain for those they see as less amazing than they are. Personality Traits: sunny, playful, affectionate, joyful, adventurous, self-confident, prideful. Body and Style: big mane of hair, designer labels, luxurious fabrics, sophisticated lines, gold jewelry, red skin-hair tones, freckles. Plan your love life moves as per the planetary support of your stars.

So that you avoid making those first moves in times which are not f The coming together of the guru planet Jupiter with the dragon's head Rahu would offer some real opportunities before Jupiter again start Login Sign Up.

Ascendant in Leo Man

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