Scorpio single monthly horoscope

Ask a Question from Jayashree. Venus is stimulating your natural steamy intensity this week, while Mars your life-ruler is making waves in your seventh house of marriage and partnership.

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What a combo! Then from late Wednesday to Friday, the Pisces Moon brings a delicious frisson of romance into your zone. Work or health concerns see a touch of fire on Saturday, turning to high dramatics as the Full Moon blazes in Aries on Sunday. Be ready to deal with an emotional person in the workplace.

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope for October 12222

Attend to any symptoms, for an exciting new possibility is in the air. Venus is still in your sign for the rest of the month, breaking out the luscious truffles of, well… sex! The two of you share a common focus on home life at the start of the week, though your love may be somewhat preoccupied with career issues. Make the home a blessed retreat and eat sexy food together before retreating to the boudoir.

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Do the things your loved one loves to do as Thursday comes. The feeling is delightful, as the two of you share an eerie intensity.

Sexual Astrology - Monthly Horoscope and Forecast Scorpio

Enjoy a meal together before it gets too hot and sticky. Smarten up the boudoir in anticipation of a lively weekend. Sunday brings a Full Moon in Aries.


Watch any feverish conditions and take care around safety with the head. This lightens you up a lot, so someone spunky is very likely to come your way. The main thing is to stay composed, as your personal magnetism will be high. Move with stealth and skill. Money is in the frame, midweek.

BS Srinivasan Leave a comment. As per the August Scorpio horoscope , this will be a successful year for you in very many aspects of your life including finances, career, and education. You should focus on those areas that you are sure of achieving success as predicted by the Scorpio astrology. The Scorpio personality should not be deterred by any form of an obstacle but should focus more on achieving success and climbing the ladder that life before him or her.

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This month will be gracious and enjoyable to you. Take this in-depth four elements personality quiz to understand it. Based on the monthly forecast , this is the month that you may shift religious beliefs since you are curious to explore what other religions subscribe to. The Scorpio August horoscope reveals that you will enhance your social skills and this will be the time that singles have an opportunity to meet someone whom they will fall in love with.

If you are in a relationship, there is a possibility of marriage and Scorpio pregnancy. Scorpio sexuality will help the singles understand what to look for when searching for a partner. Do You Have Good Karma? Try The Karma Quiz Now!! You want to get rid of your old ones -- especially since they haven't exactly served you well in the past. But before you invite this new way of thinking into your world, you really do need to take a mental paper shredder to each and every file in your mind that has managed to sabotage your romantic fulfillment.

Remember Scorpio, no one else is responsible for your happiness -- that is always going to be an inside job. Having Mercury retrograde in the area of your chart that's all about the heart is an invitation to release the negative mental patterns that are blocking you from the love you know you deserve. This Mercury Retrograde cycle might also manifest in a more literal way for some Scorpios. Yes, an ex might return. He or she might just be stopping by to say hello, to offer an apology, or to get some kind of closure.

Or, he or she might legitimately want a second chance. It's your call but remember this: Your ex is your ex for a reason. During the Mercury Retrograde cycles, you might conveniently forget what that reason is.