Sagittariuss best compatibility

If a Sagittarius craves adventure and the sort of stories that will be told years later, an Aquarius makes a very well-suited significant other. With a mutual thirst for learning and exploring, the inherent curiosity both of these signs share make amazing journeys inevitable.

Sagittarius Compatibility: What Sign Goes Best With Sagittarius?

Whether it's actual physical travel, taking classes together at a local college, or even just picking up a book and learning a new skill to benefit both partners, Sagittarius and Aquarius work very well together. It comes as no surprise that Libra, the sign of the scales, and Sagittarius, the true-eyed archer, have a real potential for harmony. The relationship between these two signs will be quiet but full of gratitude and mutual respect, the keys to going the proverbial distance. If a Sagittarius has tangled with volatile relationships and is on the hunt for something a bit more down to earth, try "weighing in" the affections of a Libra partner.

Sagittarius can sometimes lack artistic skill of their own, be it in conversation or well-known arts like drawing, or music. Cancer is the best sign to step in and fill this void, where their innate artistic talents will be appreciated by a doting Sagittarius.

With a mind for long-term success and organization, a Sagittarius and Cancer pairing doesn't run into many of the problems that crop up in workplace romances, so send a love note over the cubicle wall, Sagittarius! While a Sagittarius and Taurus may get along very well with one another, their rare disagreements can make or break the relationship. With both signs' single-mindedness in play, a simple fight can quickly blossom into a shouting match that far outweighs the original problem. If a Sagittarius-Taurus couple wants to work, a pact must be made to keep "inside voices", as well as a promise to genuinely listen to their partner in times of disagreement.

Just because they're the same sign doesn't mean a dual Sagittarius pair is destined for trouble-free romance. Even a little white lie can totally undermine the trust of a Sagittarius, and given the sign's natural tendency to be diplomatic, this can be a real problem!

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Choosing one's words carefully is of the utmost importance in a Sagittarius-Sagittarius pairing, as well as frequent check-ins to determine each others' emotional states. Capricorn is all about go-go-go, while even the adventurous Sagittarius needs a break once in awhile. With the relatively high demands of an excitable Capricorn on the to-do list, a Sagittarius may tire out very quickly. Who makes a winning recipe with you, who sends your temperature soaring and who turns you cold?

For a while now your friends and social affairs have been somewhat turbulent and love has been up and down.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Sun: Love Compatibility

What changes can you now expect? Important developments are happening. All the Fire signs including Leo, Aries, and fellow Sagittarius offer the greatest chance for compatibility because they have so many traits in common.

Best Rated Sagittarius Compatibility Relationships

Sun signs belonging to Air element Aquarius, Libra, and Gemini can complement the Sagittarian temperament. In general, what is the best match for a Sagittarius? Consider the compatibility of Sagittarius man — Libra woman couple! When it comes to Sagittarius man and relationships , he is a true romanticist. He understands the pleasure and sensual side of romantic love.

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